Shelter, The Experience Group

We are committed to creating lasting experiences and spaces that embody our values – authenticity, diversity, collaboration and transparency.

barBuilding a movement

Shelter is built on the fundamental belief that we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. We want nothing less than to transform our home, and the way we live, work and play.

barRaising the bar

Through place-based collaboration, we raise the bar and build unique, attractive experiences that others may have overlooked. Our restaurants, bars and spaces foster authentic relationships and empower the diverse Geneva communities that they serve.

barGiving life to our concepts

In the spirit of authenticity, we strive to preserve and honor the natural structure of a building we occupy, and seek distinct spaces with inspiring, possibly eclectic histories. We scour neighbourhoods for sites and spaces that excite us.

Shelter, Who we are

barWe are Developers

We re-imagine old buildings and breathe life into new ones. From industrial warehouses to forgotten estates, we create experiences grounded in authentic connections to people and place.

barWe are Connectors

We gather the brightest doers, smartest thinkers and talented makers to challenge traditional models, make the boring inspiring, the traditional modern, the sterile vibrant and the formal informal.

barWe are Chefs

Starting with our menus, we place great emphasis on the food we serve. Our selections are diverse and always of quality – paying homage to local ingredients and showcasing flavors from far and wide.

Shelter, Our concepts

Our restaurants, bars and spaces serve food and drinks from dusk till dawn; we work with local and renowned chefs and operators to craft menus that are unique and exciting. We create spaces where guests can come to immerse themselves in the local culture, and locals can come anytime to hang out.